The Biolink: Balnarring to Balnarring Beach to Somers Beach: Mary Daley

A proposal to create a corridor to allow movement of animals and plants from the Balnarring Skate Park to Westernport Bay, a corridor that will follow the course of Merricks Creek, is well advanced. It is a BIG plan and it has been created and developed by a very small number of local people including Merricks Beach residents.

The BioLink will include the creation of new wetlands in our neighbourhood. Merricks Beach residents who attended Balnarring Primary School, or who have had or have children at Balnarring Primary School, will know the thrill of seeing a wetlands grow from a paddock, as the school community itself developed the fabulous and widely celebrated Balbirooroo Wetlands. 

You can join in and be part of creating a wildlife corridor for our region. Information at:

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