About MBRA

MBRA Responsibilities Include:

The MBRA organise several events each year which are annual highlights of life at Merricks Beach. These include the Davies Cup tennis tournament, the local sand modelling competition and sausage sizzle and the Queen’s Birthday native plant giveaway.

The Association owns and maintains the tennis courts, as well as helping to maintain public areas such as the Foam Street walkway.

The MBRA can assist residents with drainage issues and cross-over pipes. The roads and drains are managed by the MBRA in partnership with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council. Bernard Barrett is the current Head of Infrastructure. Residents with questions or concerns regarding roads or drains should contact the committee through the website.

Speed limits are 25 km throughout the village to ensure the safety of the many children who run and ride around the streets. Merricks Beach has deliberately chosen to retain dirt roads throughout the village. It is part of the community desire to retain the atmosphere of an older style of seaside village.

MBRA and the Community

The MBRA has an elected committee and charges a modest annual subscription. Our Annual General Meeting is held in early January each year and all financial members are most welcome. Other community organisations with which we work closely with include the Merricks Yacht Club, the Foreshore Committee of Management and the Friends of Bill Carroll Reserve.

MBRA Constitution

In November 2014, the Merricks Beach Residents Association adopted new rules, which can be downloaded from this page.

MBRA Committee

The MBRA has an elected committee and we welcome all residents to be involved, either on the committee or as a member of the Association. There are currently around 170 members, representing about 70% of the homes in Merricks Beach. 

Committee Meetings and Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Committee meet Monthly and the 2023 AGM was held at the Merricks Yacht Club on January 8th, 2023 at 10:00AM.

The 2024 AGM will be help at the Merricks Yacht Club on Sun January 7th 2024 at 10:00am. Current members are welcome to attend. 

Minutes of last AGM and Notice of Meeting, Proxy Form and Nomination Form for 2024 are provided here for information. 





AGM Minutes 7-1-24

Committee Members

Peter Cash – President
0416 067 377 email Peter
Kathy Clarke – Secretary
0408 214 728 email Kathy                                       Ian Breadon – Treasurer                                       Kriston Symons – Vice President                  

Bernard Barrett – Committee/Infrastructure          Pam Drake – Committee                                      Peter Drake – Committee                                  David Guthrie – Committee                                     Di Hall – Committee                                         Simon Jaski – Committee


Joyce Lawrence – Committee                              Sarah Lawrence – Committee                                Angela Richards – Committee                              Tim Roberts – Committee                                     Sue Rutley – Committee                                       Brad Vann – Committee  

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