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Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

The local council is the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.
Merricks Beach is part of the Red Hill Ward.
Our local Councillor, first elected in 2016, is David Gill. His report on his activities in 2017 can be accessed below.

Private Water Networks​

A number of property owners have invested in private water lines coming off the main system in Palmers Hill Rd.
There are typically multiple properties operating off these private water networks.
The pipelines are the responsibily of the current owners of the relevant properties and they are responsible for service and maintenance of these pipelines.
A list of the properties and networks are available through the MBRA committee

Fire Precautions

Bushfire is an ever present risk to Merricks Beach Residents.
Please make sure you have your fire plan ready. A sample plan is provided below for your information.
Follow the CFA advice in the Bushfire Survival Kit obtained from

Flora and Fauna

The foreshore reserve, the Bill Carroll Reserve and the many gardens  around the village  are home to many different animals and plants.
There are many different types of birds,  possums and small skinks are common, and  blue tongue lizards can be seen.
Koalas can often be seen feeding in the eucalypts around the village.
in the bay, bottlenose dolphins are known to visit and more recently the occasional whale has also dropped by.
The plants around the village mostly reflect native species and there is a strong desire of many in the community to protect and preserve the native species.
The greastest threat is weed invasion of the foreshore and reserves. Please see attached a list of environmental weeds and how to prevent their spread.
The MBRA conducts an annual plant giveaway featuring Australian natives to encourage residents to plant natives in their gardens.
The Merricks Beach Foreshore Committee has conducted signficant research to identify and catelogue local native species of flora and fauna and their reports are attached below.

Merricks Beach Rainfall Data

January 2015 – 62 mm
February 2015 – 19.5 mm
March 2015 – 62 mm
April 2015 – 46 mm
May 2015 – 83.5 mm
June 2015 – 67 mm
July 2015 – 83.5 mm
August 2015 – 62 mm
September 2015 – 48 mm
October 2015 – 11 mm
November 2015 – 52 mm
December 2015 – 28 mm
January 2016 – 30 mm
February 2016 – 16 mm
March 2016 – 43 mm
April 2016 – 37.5mm
May 2016 – 133 mm
June 2016 – 102.5 mm
July 2016 – 151 mm
August 2016 – 66 mm
September 2016 – 76 mm
October 2016 – 101 mm
November 2016 – 38.5 mm
December 2016 – 44 mm
January 2017 – 64 mm

Mobile Telecommunications

Merricks Beach is now connected to the NBN.
Please contact your preferred provider if you wish to establish a connection for your own residence

Waste Water Guidelines

History of the area

Things to do

Balnarring Picnic Races

Saturday 31st March gates open at 10am and racing at 1pm Fashions on The Field with prizes of $2000
A great day out for the family with plenty of food and entertainment
58 Coolart Road Balnarring VIC 3926

Montalto Winery Picnic Experience

A beautiful and peaceful ways to spend an afternoon is having your own private picnic at Montalto winery. There are ten beautiful and secluded sites throughout the property, available for groups of 2 – 8.
33 Shoreham Road, Red Hill South.
(The Merricks Beach Residents’ Association is very grateful for the support of Montalto)

The Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Guided Tours into Cape Schanck Lighthouse are available between 10 am and 4pm every day and include entry to the museum. Tours begin at the kiosk.

420 Cape Schanck Road, Cape Schanck

Walking tracks​

There are many lovely walks on the Mornington Peninsula, some close to Merricks Beach and others a little further away.
It is possible to walk along the beach from Somers to Flinders, or to walk from the Merricks General Store to Red Hill shopping centre.
A list of walks can be found on the following site
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