Making Sure it Stays a Great Foreshore

Many would have seen the Merricks Beach Foreshore Committee of Management and their volunteers busy working on the foreshore in recent weeks cleaning up dead branches and trees after the storms, maintaining the fire track to make sure it is usable by the CFA, planting new trees and grasses, as well as doing the regular beach clean ups and weeding walks. Well, expect to see some more to come very shortly!

In particular, the Committee has been successful in obtaining funds through state government grants and has a couple of projects in the works.

First, you will notice works starting along the Pine Slide Track. These works have been made possible through funds awarded under the Coastal Public Access and Risk Grants 2021-22. This project aims to address safety/erosion risks at the Pine Slide Track by constructing additional steps, extending the provision of handrails, and resurfacing and improving run-off from the path. 

Second, you will be seeing some new communications products and activities focused on caring for our coast, funded through the 2022-23 Coastcare Victoria Community Grant. The funding seeks to enhance coastal stewardship, by recreating educational resources and events to support the Merricks Beach community. Through these products the Committee will highlight the rich biodiversity and interconnectedness of the coast and foreshore with the aim of empowering the community with the knowledge to take environmentally positive actions. This range of resources and tools will be used in community learning events we plan to host while also being disseminated through community partner events. 

We hope to build an enduring awareness and knowledge base that affects behaviour so that the coast and foreshore can thrive into the future. Watch this space as we aim to have these products ready for summer!

On the topic of summer – as the weather warms and more people start enjoying the beach, we would like to remind residents that storing personal effects such as kayaks, surfboards, stand up paddle boards, canoes and tents on the foreshore is not allowed. We are all responsible for maintaining and safeguarding our beautiful local habitat.

We hope you all get an opportunity to join us in one of our activities and we’d like to hear your feedback on how you found them. If you have some ideas on other activities you would like to see happen on the foreshore, let us know on:

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