New 2024 MBRA Committee!

Kudos to all the members who volunteered for positions and committee at the 2024 AGM. Thanks to all those who voted or allocated their proxies and congratulations to the successful candidates, below is a list of the 2024 Committee and Positions for information. I am sure all are looking forward to progressing initiatives for the benefit of the community and all residents guided by the Rules of the MBRA and the Purpose which is included below for information:

The purposes of the association are:

(1) To conserve the ecology and environment of the Merricks Beach area.

(2) To promote the development of the Merricks Beach area as a wildlife habitat.

(3) To represent members in negotiations with public authorities in matters relating to the Merricks Beach area.

(4) To support the maintenance of the roads and other community infrastructure of Merricks Beach.

(5) To manage and improve the tennis court reserve.

(6) To promote pastimes and to encourage social intercourse between members.

President:           Peter CashVice President    Kriston Symons Secretary:           Kathy ClarkeTreasurer:           Ian Breadon


  • Bernard Barrett
  • Pam Drake
  • Peter Drake
  • David Guthrie
  • Di Hall
  • Simon Jaski
  • Joyce Lawrence
  • Sarah Lawrence
  • Angela Richards
  • Tim Roberts
  • Sue Rutley
  • Brad Vann


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