Information: Update on changes to dog regulations at Merricks Beach

The Foreshore Committee is continuing to work to implement changes for the times when dogs on leashes are permitted on the foreshore and how that is regulated. As explained in previous updates, the objective is to better balance beach users’ enjoyment, public safety and environmental concerns.

Changes are yet to come into effect, and there will be further notification before they do, including updated signage at the main beach entrances. To reduce current confusion with restrictions, we have been working closely together with adjoining committees of management to align the changes and timing of their introduction, whilst continuing to protect the safety of people enjoying our beach and our native wildlife, by dogs being on lead at all times when permitted on the beach.

Changes for Merricks Beach will include:

*   Increase the time dogs are allowed on the beach by:

*   Enabling an additional 3 months of access for dogs on leashes (Oct, Nov and March); with access being restricted in the summer months (Dec-Jan- Feb) rather than aligned to day light savings months.

*   Extending the time allowed on the beach with dogs on leashes during the summer months (Dec-Jan-Feb) by two hours (dogs on leash allowed until 10am and after 6pm).

*   Increasing consistency with our neighbouring foreshore beaches.

*   Continuing to protect the safety of people enjoying our beach and our native wildlife, by dogs being on lead at all times when permitted on the beach.

*   Council assistance to inform and support the community to act within the regulations and the authority to enforce the regulations. Note that neighbouring beaches will be continuing with their regular enforcement activities, while at Merricks Beach there will be an initial focus on communicating with the community about the restrictions.

Previous restrictions 

New restrictions 

(yet to be instated)

Calendar of restricted access of dogs on beach (with leads)

Daylight savings

(~Oct to Apr)

Summer months 


Hours accessible in restricted times

Before 9am and

After 7pm

Before 10am and

After 6pm

Consistency with adjacent beaches



Shire Council education and enforcement patrols



We understand that some members of the community don’t want dogs on the beach, but we also know that dog access to Merricks Beach is important for the community.  As previously explained, Merricks Beach is not well suited to accommodate leash free zones. 

Through adopting a caring empathetic approach as a community together we can care for all beachgoers, the foreshore environment, the wildlife it holds and fully enjoy the enriching magic of Merricks Beach. 

Merricks Beach Foreshore Reserve Committee of Management

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