Agapanthus removal

We all love a plant that we can’t kill easily and a plant that flowers without much water is even better. But before long, these plants can become a problem and often times fall into the weed category. Agapanthus is one such plant. Once it has flowered, each individual flower eventually releases a seed which can get into culverts and travel to low lying areas where, because of their resilient nature, usually take over native habitats. So, it is important that if you have planted agapanthus, that you dead-head them regularly and keep their spread in check.

Brad vs Agapanthus

This week the Merricks Beach Foreshore Committee of Management undertook the difficult task of removing dozens of agapanthus from along the fire-trail. Thanks to a little help from Merricks Beach local, Brad Vann and his excavator, the job was done in no time at all.

One passer-by rightly commented that “the magic of Merricks Beach doesn’t happen by itself”. Many thanks to the foreshore volunteers and Brad for maintaining the magic on our behalf!


Agapanthus spread under control

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