Tennis Courts Renovation – Fundraising Appeal

As all Merricks Beach residents would likely be aware, the residents’ association has been embarked upon a project to renovate our village tennis courts with the goal to make them safe and ensure they remain a valued community asset into the future. The next and final stage of this project is to extend the concrete apron to the fence lines and resurface the courts with Modgrass. As advised in the Autumn 2021 edition of Merricks Matters, Modgrass has been chosen because it will not be adversely affected by further cracking of the very old concrete beneath. It is also a far more player-friendly surface, especially for those of us whose best volleys are now a distant memory.

The cost to complete these works will be around $75,000. The MBRA is therefore commencing a fundraising drive, a major element of which will include requests of tax-deductible donations from Merricks Beach residents. Details of the project will be sent to all residents with details of how you can make a donation.  We hope that you will consider contributing to this project to deliver an improved community asset for current and future generations of Merricks Beach residents.


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