Tennis courts renovation update : Peter Cash

The MBRA Committee has been continuing to review options for the much-needed renovation of the community’s tennis courts.  An application for a further grant to the Shire Council was successful to the extent of $10,000, to go with the $27,000 awarded last year.  In addition, the Committee has been advised by Greg Hunt MP’s office that we will be allocated $9,000 from the Federal Government’s Stronger Communities Programme. While these funds are not enough to complete the entire project, they are sufficient, with the addition of some of the MBRA’s own money, to replace the fences, repair the concrete slabs and re-landscape the court surrounds.   Meanwhile, we are pursuing funding options for the remaining work of resurfacing the courts.  There will be some interruption to access to the courts while the immediate work is done, but we expect that this will be finished before the summer holidays begin.

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