News from the Foreshore Committee by Joyce

The long awaited arrival of Spring offers us great opportunities to get out and about and enjoy our lovely nature-filled Reserve.  However, it is not without its risks. As some of you may know, there have been rock falls near the cave steps. Fortunately, no-one was injured and the fallen parts of the cliff face are mostly contained to the far side of the barrier fence. However, it serves to remind us that the beach cliffs in this area are unstable, and may give way without warning, so everyone should keep clear of them.  

We are aware that some parents have been allowing their children to play in the smaller cave in the area, and although there have not been any rock falls affecting the small cave so far, we strongly recommend that you actively discourage them from doing any climbing, or digging type activity that might disturb the cave or its surrounds and closely supervise your children in the area.

Likewise, there are a few places along the Foreshore where the sand dunes have been undercut by high tides and bad weather over Winter. These sand cliffs can be extremely dangerous, as there is a risk of people, particularly children, being buried under tons of sand if they collapse.  Please discourage your children from playing near any undercut areas.Another risk that we face every Spring is the garden escapee!  For those not familiar with these pest plants, go and have a look at the fern gully area.  In amongst the indigenous plants are many arum lilies, forget-me-nots, agapanthus, polygala.., and the list goes on. None of them native to the area and in places choking out the indigenous plants.  Please take care with the plants you choose to plant (or leave) in your garden, and come and help us keep the escapees under control at our community working bees.  The next one is planned for Sunday 20 October, hope you can come and join us.

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