Tennis Court Refurbishment


Tennis Courts Refurbishment – Community Fundraising Information Sheet

The tennis courts in Surf St, Merricks Beach are a valuable community asset and an important part of the limited infrastructure in Merricks Beach, offering casual playing opportunities for all residents and their guests. They were part of the original subdivision of the lower streets of Merricks Beach in 1926; the land and courts were held by a trust comprised of Merricks elders until around 1990 when the title was transferred to the MBRA.  Unlike most public tennis courts, therefore, ours are not council owned.  The responsibility for maintaining the courts, and for paying rates and insurance, is with the MBRA on behalf of the Merricks Beach community.

By 2018, the surface of both courts had become degraded and dangerous; the fences were in disrepair, the surface was uneven, and the edges were at varying levels including holes and dips at the ends of the concrete aprons, the length of which is inadequate for safe use.  A number of fortunately only minor injuries had been reported and there was real concern that if their safety continued to deteriorate, the courts would ultimately become uninsurable and would have to be closed. As a result, the MBRA resolved to make the necessary investments both to make the courts safe in the short term and to ensure that they will continue to be a valued community asset for the next generation.

Refurbishment of the tennis courts commenced in 2019, with surface repairs, dead trees and stumps removed, a root barrier installed and completely new fencing and gates. These works cost around $60,000, most of which was funded by Shire Council and Commonwealth Government grants. The final phase of the works will be the resurfacing of the courts which is required to improve their safety, utility and longevity.  $75,000 is needed to complete this work.

What is planned?
  • Extension of the concrete apron area to the fence in the north-south direction and between the two courts
  • Installation of Modgrass on the surface area

Modgrass has been chosen because unlike a plexipave coating, it will not be affected by future anticipated cracking of the existing 60+ year old concrete beneath it. Whilst this surface will require more regular maintenance than Plexipave or concrete, the MBRA committee is comfortable that it is well able to meet any additional costs from its normal revenue.

  • Overall community benefit from having access to good, playable courts for the whole community
  • Safety: a safer surface with no holes at the ends, better on the knees for players
  • Longevity of the courts
  • Improved drainage
  • Increased utility and increased usage of this valuable asset

Artist’s impression of new tennis court surface

Call for Community Contributions

We aim to raise $75,000. Some MBRA funds can be contributed, complemented by any further small grants that may be secured. Community fundraising is now sought in order to raise sufficient funds to deliver the project. Donations will be tax deductible in the 2021/22 year.


Please consider contributing to this project to deliver an improved community asset. You can make a pledge using the attached form or on line through our website at You will be able to see how much has been pledged, but not who is contributing. During the year we will be able to assess progress and, subject to sufficient funds pledged, you will be asked to make true your pledge during the year.

The aim is to commence the planned work in July 2022 with completion by October 2022.

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